Autor: ASSUREIRA, Estela; ASSUREIRA, Marco

In the year 2005 we developed and carried out the technological transference of an institutional portable woodstove that has been implemented in 4300 shanty towns and rural communities of Peru.

The work included the identification of the needs of the users; the evaluation of similar equipments and of the local resources for its manufacture; the design, manufacture and technical evaluation of a prototype and a focus group with the potential users. Improvements were realized to the original design proceeding then to make the drawings, manual of manufacture and guide of use; structure and development of the program of technological transference and monitoring.

Doña Olga is a woodstove that incorporates the principles ‘Rocket stove’, ‘protected pot’ and ‘hoop seal’ achieving an efficiency of 26%, limited emissions of pollutant gases, absence of smoke in the cook area and safety for the user.