Autor: ASSUREIRA, Estela, ASSUREIRA, Marco

The purpose of this study was to test the process that determines the relationships among the briquettes diameter (Df), the pots diameter (Dp) and the height of the pot from the fuel bed(H), in order to improve the performance of the stoves.

Experiments were carried out on two portable metal stoves without chimneys. The fuel was anthracite coal briquette, a honey-comb type of cylinder with small holes parallel to the cylinder axis.
Energy balance and boiling tests were made in order to evaluate the stoves. The results results are presented as nondimensional geometrical relations.
Radiation and convection were the predominant mechanisms of heat transfer. The best result was obtained for the relation H/Df = 0.25 for both models tested. On average 40% of the fuels energy was lost by flue gases. This energy has to be used in order to improve the stoves performance.